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Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

Become a internationally recognized Permaculture Designer through this 2-year, self-directed study course. Join the ranks of professional designers leading the regenerative movement around the world. By the end of the diploma you will be able to design a diversity of both land and non-land based projects, as well as implement, manage, evaluate and tweak them.

Prerequisite – Permaculture Design Course & 2 years of permaculture related experience.

Included – Induction workshop, 20 hours of tutorials, certificate & accreditation, one-year membership, graduation event. 

Diploma Poster

The Diploma is a course of self-directed study that takes a minimum of two years (no pressure though – some people take a lot longer than this). During the course, you will prepare ten designs that demonstrate your ability to apply permaculture ethics and principles and show your competence at using a range of design methods, tools and skills.

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