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Almost Heaven Farms provides demonstration, training, resources and research in the following fields:

Permaculture Nepal - Agroforestry


A land use management system integrating agriculture and forestry together in order to provide for a diversity of crops, fodder, living habitats for animals, fuel and building materials  while building soil, generating income and mitigating climate change.

Permaculture Nepal - Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

The production of food, medicines, building materials and other plant/animal materials using farming techniques which regenerates the environment, respects animals and cares for human communities.

Permaculture Nepal - Design


The application of the principles of ecology in the design of sustainable human habitats.

Permaculture Nepal - Aquaculture


The cultivation of plants in animals in an integrated water system such as a pond.

Permaculture Nepal - Earth-based Building

Earth-based Building

Using local materials such as stone, wood, bamboo and mud to construct structures bringing down the environmental footprint and cost of building.

Permaculture Nepal - Earth Energies

Earth Energies

Energies which come from the earth and are economically and environmentally sound.  We use bio-gas and solar technologies in our farms.

Permaculture Nepal - Seed Saving

Seed Saving

The practice of saving seeds and propagating plants using various techniques in order to maintain or increase biodiversity and food/plant security.

Permaculture Nepal - Medicinal Plant Conservation and Cultivation

Medicinal Plant Conservation & Cultivation

The plants ability to synthesize different chemical compounds that are used perform useful biological functions such as medical treatment, dietary supplement and to defend against predators.


Almost Heaven Farms - Permaculture Nepal ToT

ToT – Training of Trainers

Almost Heaven Farms is proud to host an upcoming Permaculture ToT or Training of Trainers at it's farm in Ilam, Nepal. A ToT is a high-level, professional learning...

Caring for children, not locking them up

In light of the shocking news of children being separated from their parents and locked up in the Southern US... In 2013 I came to Nepal to volunteer for an organization called,...