Moving beyond sustainability

A successful 4-day training on bio fertilisers with Juanfran Lopez at Almost Heaven Farms. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants. We now are able to make and use our own fertilisers using local materials. Moving beyond sustainability and on to regenerative agriculture.

Bio-fertilizer Training at AHF

Come and make your farm and community even more sustainable by learning how to use local resources to make your own biofertilizers, improve your soil and manage crop pests and disease. Techniques like Bokashi, Supermargo, Natural root hormones, Apichi, Hydrolates,...

ToT – Training of Trainers

Almost Heaven Farms is proud to host an upcoming Permaculture ToT or Training of Trainers at it's farm in Ilam, Nepal. A ToT is a high-level, professional learning process for qualified trainers who will be providing training and capacity-building...

Caring for children, not locking them up

In light of the shocking news of children being separated from their parents and locked up in the Southern US... In 2013 I came to Nepal to volunteer for an organization called, Prisoner Assistance Nepal (  As a young, educated foreigner I thought I...

Garlic, where it came from and how to use it.

If you don’t have this one growing in your garden or hanging to dry on your roof somewhere, you should think about including it in your design and learning how to use it as a medicine. Definitely something that every permaculturist needs in their life.