Almost Heaven Farms is an Active Permaculture Education Centre.

Almost Heaven Farms is a permaculture demonstration, training, research and resource centre based out of Ilam, Nepal in the eastern hillside of the Himalayas.  AHF supports farming communities to transition to Regenerative Agriculture, restoring local soils, water sources and ecologies.  Much more than only organic farming and beyond sustainable, we work with farmers to adapt to climate change and join the global effort to repair the damage done to the earth.



Design and Consulting

Offering 16+ years of experience in the fields of community development, sustainable agriculture and permaculture, we offer professional design and consultancy services for your land, project or business.


Learning Opportunities

A diversity of demonstration sites, trainings and internships to immerse yourself in, to learn the latest methods of ecological restoration and permaculture design.


Community Development

One can not be sustainable in a bubble.  AHF is part of a more broad approach being taken to helping develop a network of communities engaged in regenerative development across the Himalayan Bioregion

Zachary Barton & Shova Devi Magar

Zachary Barton is a permaculture designer, activist and teacher. He has been living in Nepal since 2003 and started the Kamala Foundation in 2005, an organization using permaculture and community-based programming to support different communities develop sustainably and build resilience.  He established Almost Heaven Farms in 2013, his home base where he researches, demonstrates and trains local farmers in permaculture design, earth-based building and ecological restoration.  Specializing in program design, Zachary has worked in communities across Nepal and helped co-instigate the Resilience Through Recovery project using permaculture to help different villages recover from the devastating earthquakes of 2015.  Zachary’s vision was influenced by Bill Mollison’s idea to “empower the powerless and ‘create a million villages’ to replace nation states”.  He is currently working to develop a network of communities engaged in regenerative development across the Himalayan bioregion.

Shova Devi Magar was born and raised in Jhapa, the far south-east corner of Nepal in a remote farming village.  Famous for wild elephants and Sal forests, this region provided a natural permaculture environment for her to grow up in.  Coming from the Magar tribe she has been influenced by her communities deep cultural roots and an inborn sense of community.  In 2000, she moved to Kathmandu and helped develop Prisoners Assistance Nepal, an organization caring for prisoners and their children across Nepal.  In 2010 she helped found Nepal’s first sustainable children’s home, a permaculture farm and home which cares for 11 children whose parents are in prison.  In 2016 she helped design and establish Mother Earth Children’s Home, the second sustainable home to care for children.  By applying practical people-care systems, she has brought health, happiness and resilience to the most disadvantaged children and communities in Nepal.

Alisha Magar

Alisha manages all outreach work and project management off-site in Nepal.  She took her Permaculture Design Course at the age of 16 and has completed her Permaculture ToT as well as started her Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.

Bijay Waiba

Bijay is the farm manager at AHF and takes care of over 6 hectares of farm land, poly-tunnels, animals systems as well as coordinating all guests, demonstrations and research projects.

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