Sustainable Nepal - Shova Magar-Barton

Shova Magar-Barton

She was born and raised in Jhapa, the far south-east corner of Nepal in a remote farming village. Famous for wild elephants and Sal forests, this region provided a natural permaculture environment for her to grow up in. Coming from the Magar tribe she has been influenced by her communities deep cultural roots and an inborn sense of community. In 2000, she moved to Kathmandu and helped develop Prisoners Assistance Nepal, an organization caring for prisoners and their children across Nepal. In 2010 she helped found Nepal’s first sustainable children’s home, a permaculture farm and home which cares for 11 children whose parents are in prison. In 2016 she helped design and establish Mother Earth Children’s Home, the second sustainable home to care for children. By applying practical people-care systems, she has brought health, happiness and resilience to the most disadvantaged children and communities in Nepal.

Sustainable Nepal - Zachary Barton

Zachary Barton

He is a permaculture designer, activist and teacher. He has been living in Nepal since 2003 and started the Kamala Foundation in 2005, an organization using permaculture and community-based programming to support different communities develop sustainably and build resilience. He established Almost Heaven Farms in 2013, his home base where he researches, demonstrates and trains local farmers in permaculture design, earth-based building and earth-energies. Specializing in program design, Zachary has worked in communities across Nepal and helped co-instigate the Resilience Through Recovery project using permaculture to help different villages recover from the devastating earthquakes of 2015. Zachary’s vision was influenced by Bill Mollisons idea to “empower the powerless and ‘create a million villages’ to replace nation states”. He is currently working to develop a network of sustainable villages across this bio-region.

Sustainable Nepal - Bijay Waiba

BJ Waiba

BJ Waiba is the Farm Manager at Almost Heaven. Growing up in India and Nepal BJ has great knowledge of the biodiversity of the region and the different agricultural systems practiced across the Himalayan region. After taking his PDC in 2012, BJ has worked full time as a farm manager, designed a range of permaculture systems and is now working to complete his Permaculture Diploma in design. His days are spent running the 2 hectare land at Almost Heaven Farms, managing guests and training and demonstrating permaculture practices to different community groups.

Meet our friends

Sustainable Nepal - Kamala Foundation

The Kamala Foundation

The Kamala Foundation was established by the Barton Family in 2005 to support the volunteer work that their son, Zachary had been doing in Nepal since 2003. As a result of his lifelong commitment to working and living in Nepal, Zac has acquired a deeply-rooted understanding of Nepali people and their culture. Our original focus on grass-roots programming for women and children in prison has expanded to include a broader spectrum of communities. Preventative programs based on the principles of permaculture, embracing appropriate technologies, local solutions and building the capacity of communities to sustainably care for children are at the heart of what the Kamala Foundation does. The Kamala Foundation’s holistic approach to problems helps the communities it works in to become more resilient to future challenges, creating an environment in which children in Nepal realize their full potential. See more >>

Designed Visions

‘Designed Visions’ is a partnership of permaculture designers and teachers. Our mission is to increase momentum towards more ecologically sustainable lifestyles using the valuable design and educational tools that permaculture can provide us with. We aim to support individuals, projects and venues working towards similar goals, by providing opportunities to share experiences and skills in the pursuit of cooperative learning and right livelihoods. Our work is guided by ethics and principles which balance human lifestyles within abundant ecologies. See more >>

Sustainable Nepal -Designed Visions
Sustainable Nepal - Sunrise Farm

Sunrise Farms

Sunrise Farm is a community farm program committed to the demonstration and training of sustainable agriculture and community development techniques. It is a working farm, and offers facilities for demonstration, training (in sustainable agriculture, agro-ecology and permaculture) and distribution of seed, seedlings, and educational resources. Over the past 25 years, the farm has welcomed thousands of visitors from all corners of Nepal and internationally to observe, learn and volunteer. The farm has also been a marketing hub for farmers elsewhere in Nepal, selling their products such as honey, pulses and garlic, helping rural farmers gain an income from their land. See more >>

Applewood Permaculture Center

We are a family run 20 acre smallholding and permaculture education and demonstration centre. Experienced teachers Looby Macnamara and Chris Evans own and run the centre and teach monay diverse courses from here. The aims of our project are: Demonstration, Adult Education, Resource Production, Research, Networking, Food Production, Establishing And Maintaining Woodland And Native Hedgerows, Increasing Our Sustainability. See more >>

Sustainable Nepal - Applewood Permaculture Centre
Sustainable Nepal - PA Nepal

Prisoners Assistance Nepal

PA Nepal is a grassroot organization that aims to provide care to prisoners and their dependent children. It was founded in 2000 by Indira Ranamagar, who first began working with prisoners in 1990 along with human rights activist “Parijat”. PA Nepal functions within a holistic frame work, endeavoring to work with prisoners and their children at every stage of their journey to reintegration. We provide care and services to those in prison and, where possible, remove children from the prison environment and place them in safe and caring environments where they can receive complete care. See more >>


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