Almost Heaven Farms is proud to host an upcoming Permaculture ToT or Training of Trainers at it’s farm in Ilam, Nepal. A ToT is a high-level, professional learning process for qualified trainers who will be providing training and capacity-building assistance in different communities around Nepal. It is a great professional step for those who have a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in permaculture, sustainable development and/or climate resiliency and wish to gain the skills needed to train others in these fields. Actual taking the ToT empowers you to be go into any community and deliver a professional training on different topics.

In this rigorous 11 day training workshop we will:

-Discuss climate change and the importance of sustainable agriculture
-Define sustainable development in the context of Nepal
-Learn about different climate adaptation strategies
-Go through different phases of the training cycle and their importance
-Explain and use different participatory training methods, tools and techniques.
-Practice session planning and facilitation skills
-Use a variety of different visual aids and training materials
-Discuss trainer/facilitator qualities, roles and responsibilities.
-Discuss and use of TNA tools, methods, techniques and importance of TNA
-Develop assessment and evaluation methods and tools
-Practice coaching skills and different feedback methods.

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