What would it look like if humans communities developed within the limits of nature’s ability to care for them? What if those humans actually fed back into the natural systems that they were interdependent with, caring for the ecosystems around them and improving the quality of life of all beings?

Almost Heaven Farms is an active Permaculture Demonstration and Education site based in the eastern hillside of the Himalayan Mountains. In the shadow of Kanchenjunga Himal, the third highest mountain in the world, we pass the seasons by designing and implementing both land and non-land based programs, helping local communities develop sustainably. We demonstrate sustainable methods, train others and provide them with the bio-resources needed to make their communities more resilient. We also research different systems which are both practical and appropriate for this bioregion. Almost Heaven Farms provides all sustenance (food, energy and medicine) needed to care for it’s family and guests.

Almost Heaven Farms is happy to help continue the work of these permaculture pioneers in Nepal. Focusing on the hillside of the eastern Himalayas as a bio-region connected by shared geography, weather patterns and ethnic groups, AHF is working to build sustainable communities and regions in this part of the world. Bill Mollison envisioned a system of “empower(ing) the powerless and creat(ing) a million villages to replace the nation states”. Almost Heaven Farms and it’s founders share this vision and are working to make it happen.