Permaculture in Nepal

Beyond Sustainable

Courses and Opportunities

Permaculture Design Course 4-Week Internship

Complete your PDC over a 4-week intensive, hands on internship learning the essentials of permaculture design science. Experience the principles and ethics of permaculture at Almost Heaven Farms and learn how to implement them into you life.

Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design

Become a internationally recognized Permaculture Designer through this 2-year, self-directed study course. Join the ranks of professional designers leading the regenerative movement around the world.

Design and Consulting Services

Build resilience and sustainability into your farm, project or business through design and consulting services provided by Zachary Barton. Through community needs assessment, program development, strategic planning and land design we help improve the efficiency and production capacity of your organization.

Volunteer to Help Restore Local Ecologies

Volunteer your time and energy to help restore local ecologies across the Himalayan bioregion. Partake in and learn about the latest ecological restoration practices, earth-building techniques and community development methods. You will get more than you could ever give...

Fermented Food and Health Workshop

Improve your health, become more food secure and tickle your tastebuds by learning about fermented foods with Shova Devi Magar. Join the international food revolution and fill your kitchen with fermented fruits, veggies, beans, grains, dairy, drinks and more!

Biofertilizer Training

Maximize use of local resources, make your own biofertilizers, manage insects and fungus, reproduce and use native microbes and build soil fertility and productivity. Based on cutting-edge developments in microbiology, soil health and plant nutrition.

Learn Permaculture

The application of the principles of ecology to the design of sustainable habitats.




Almost Heaven Farms provides students with the unique opportunity to learn permaculture on a full-fledged, self-sustaining permaculture farm. Immerse yourself in permaculture and learn to harness energy, grow food and build sustainable communities.

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